From Golan Levin's personal website:

The Augmented Hand Series is a real-time interactive software system that presents playful, dreamlike, and uncanny transformations of its visitors hands. Originally conceived in 2004, the project was developed at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry in 2013-2014 through a commission from the Cinekid Festival of children's media.

The installation consists of a box into which the visitor inserts their hand, and a touchscreen interface which displays their reimagined hand, altered by various dynamic and structural transformations. In the version shown here, in its premiere at the 2014 Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, the kiosk is accompanied by a large rear-projection. The touchscreen allows participants to select among the different transformations.

On this project, I worked as a Software Assistant and created the following "scenes" (which are presented in the video above):

  • "Fractal Hand"
  • "Spring Fingers"
  • "Extra Knuckles"
  • "Stubby"
  • "Opposite Thumb"
  • "Two Thumbs"
  • "Swelling Fingers"